About the GVDA

GVDA Purpose

  • Facilitate and promote development of a strong economic base in Greater Victoria BC
  • Ensure that the Greater Victoria region remains a vibrant place to live and work

The Greater Victoria Development Agency is the region’s lead economic development agency. We are committed to marketing the region’s competitive advantages, positive business climate and superior lifestyle across Canada and around the world. Our organization works closely with BC businesses, partner agencies, educational institutions, the community and all levels of government. We focus on leveraging Victoria’s abundant energy and innovative spirit to sustain economic growth. Using a hands-on approach, we are furthering the success and growth of existing businesses, helping small and medium businesses grow their markets globally and promoting the Greater Victoria region as the ideal location for business development on Vancouver Island. Our guiding principles allow us to get the job done – by working with the business community and partners proactively, collaboratively and responsively.

GVDA Guiding Principles

Industry Led: The Greater Victoria Development Agency (GVDA) is an industry led organization, governed by a board representing the major business and academic interests in the Greater Victoria region. This allows for the greatest level of accountability and responsiveness to the issues and concerns facing stakeholders in the Victoria region.

Inclusiveness: The GVDA will represent the interests of the Greater Victoria region by seeking out and communicating with all interested parties on projects and issues GVDA undertakes.

Work with Regional Partners: The Greater Victoria Development Agency will work in concert with, and not duplicate the efforts of other agencies. The primary benefit of regional economic development lies in the coordination of activities by partners who are experts in their field. The goal of the GVDA will be to bring the strengths of each partner to the table to address opportunities and challenges facing the region.

Sustainable and Market based Industry Development and Promotion: The GVDA will focus on making sure that economic development activities in the region are centred on sustainable and market-based principles. This will help to ensure that we have viable and responsible industries from which to further diversify our economy.

Why Regional Economic Development?

Economic development has become an increasingly competitive field, with many jurisdictions now putting considerable resources into economic development programs. In order to compete with other regions that are actively looking to lure away our best and brightest citizens and corporations, it has become more important than ever to pool our efforts and resources.

In addition, no one area in our region has all the resources that today’s companies require. Whether it is human resources, financing, real estate or research capacities, it is only through cooperation that we will mutually benefit. Because of these demands, economic development crosses all borders, and it is the region which stands to gain from the increased prosperity and opportunity that it brings.

Benefits to the Greater Victoria Region

  • Raise the profile of Greater Victoria as a location of choice for new business endeavors
  • Increased quality of life and better employment opportunities for the citizens of the region
  • Increased and diversified sources of revenue for the regional municipalities
  • Increased capacity to address issues and opportunities in the future

GVDA Structure

A committee of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) Board, the GVDA Board is comprised of representatives from the following industry groups and associations:

  • Camosun College
  • Downtown Victoria Business Assoc.
  • Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater Victoria Harbour Authority
  • Greater Victoria Real Estate Board
  • Tourism Victoria
  • Industry Representative – Craig Norris
  • Industry Representative – Bob Pearce
  • Industry Representative – Michael Weston
  • Royal Roads University
  • Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
  • Westshore Chamber of Commerce
  • University of Victoria
  • VIATeC
  • Victoria Airport Authority
  • GVDA Chair
  • CEO – Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (ex officio)